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Welcome To The Team Workout

The Team Workout in Streetly is the bootcamp where people in Walsall come to change. For those who are committed to achieving results and are looking for some guidance, structure and support.

Our exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching programme is a results-driven process over 6 weeks that can transform how you look and feel. We can help you become the best version of yourself – leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Train Better:

No more wasted time in the gym or paying for a membership you never use.  Our personalised group training sessions will be like nothing you will have ever experienced before.

A unique mix of the bespoke and structured nature of one-to-one personal training with the fun, energy and camaraderie of training in a group. Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner because everything is coached by Walsall’s most experienced bootcamp instructor, Coach Paul Wilson. In 6 Weeks time you’ll know how to correctly train safely and for the best results.

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is; regardless of age, fitness level or weight.

You’ll have the personal attention of a certified personal trainer guiding you through every session as you train alongside a group of other supportive clients of The Team Workout, with similar goals and aspirations.

A full body-changing workout that’s enjoyable and rewarding within a highly motivating, energising and engaging environment that you’ll feel comfortable in. A community of positive, friendly and supportive people inspiring each other to do more and achieve more to be the best they can be.

Eat Better:

If you’ve tried dieting a million times, now try something different. Calorie counting, eliminating food groups or any other fad diets are not sustainable. If you’re confused about what to eat and when then let us help to simplify nutrition for you.

Learn how to enjoy whole, nutritious foods in a balanced way that will help you lose body fat and feel great every single day. You’ll never have to diet again.

We’ll be with you every step of the way with daily support and accountability. Our expert team have helped hundreds of people achieve life changing results and are committed to your success.

Be Better:

When you look and feel your best then the positive benefits permeate into every aspect of your life; confidence, career, self-esteem, finances, happiness, the clothes you wear, social life, relationships and energy levels. Be the best you can be at The Team Workout.

Is the programme right for you?

Let’s find out. Book a Trial today to see if it’s for you. We can discuss your individual goals and requirements in more detail and decide whether or not the programme would be suitable for you.

Real people real results

Kay lost 56lbs!

I used to hate exercise and I could never stick to a diet, but the nutrition system is so practical and the exercise is fun! Still is why, for the first time in my life i’ve been able to stick to something!

Real people real results

Gray lost 28 lbs!

Driving for a living is no good for your waistline and  I lacked  the motivation to join a gym. Well, I would join a gym but never go, so I join Coach Wilson and The Team Workout which has given me more energy, confidence and I feel fitter than ever! Every workout is a blast!

Real people real results

Leah lost 42 lbs!

I needed a long term health fix not just a gimmick. Support is amazing from Paul and all the team members and a wonderful non judgemental enviroment.

Real people real results

Paula lost 40 lbs!

Before The Team Workout I would last no more than 2 weeks on the wagon. For the first time in my life, I found a way to enjoy exercise and stay focussed on the process.

3 Benefits To With Us

Here’s Why To Join The Team Today!

Reason #1

Unlimited access to our non repetitive, enjoyable half the time twice the results group fitness workouts thats like personal training but a fraction of the price. Our times are PERFECT if you do shift work or need a babysitter. Saying that plenty of mum’s bring their kids to play in the playground.

Reason #2

A simple, personalised healthy eating and fitness programme that you can do even on your busiest, most stressful day.

You'll have a customised meal plan put together by a UK Registered Dietician.
Just read it & eat it!

Reason #3

Unrivalled DAILY support from the most experienced boot camp trainer in Walsall, Coach Paul Wilson, Walsall's leading fat loss specialist at your beck and call. Imagine that….

A fat loss specialist checking in with you everyday!

What Members Of Are Saying...

    5 star review  Excellent workout first thing in the morning totally different to going to the gym and training on ur own good motivation and support from all the team members

    thumb Bobby Verma

    5 star review  Best workout experience I have ever done. I saw results fast. Once a member of the team always a member. I started a 12 week fitness program with Paul and the team. I needed A long term health fix not just a gimmick. Support is amazing from Paul and all the team members and A wonderful non judgemental environment. Needless to say 12 weeks turned into 2years. (I'm going nowhere) everything from nutrition, health, fitness and where friendships are made and cemented.

    thumb Paula Pearce

    5 star review  Just LOVE This place...nothing beats it! The bootcamp training here is Awesome...Have to say the Atmosphere in this place you will not get anywhere's AMAZING. My second home...and you have the best coach ever!!

    thumb Fastina Ali

    5 star review  The Team workout is the best place to work out ! You really get the results that you want and with a brilliant coach to support and guide you through and everyone at the team Is so friendly and encouraging. I love this place .

    thumb Daljit Chohan

    5 star review  The toughest, but the best workout in the area. You're far more lilkely to get fitter and lose weight here than in a gym, because you've got everyone behind you cheering you on and a coach who really cares. Come and give it a go.

    thumb Alastair Allen

    5 star review  This is a fantastic group lead by an inspirational and talented Coach which is all makes working out in this team both varied and fun

    thumb Gary Griffiths

    5 star review  Fab atmosphere to workout, not only the coach but all the team encourage you! It's the only place I'll wake up at 5am to be at

    thumb Shareen Juwle

    5 star review  You will not have experienced anything close to this - the people, the facilities and the coach are spot on. It all adds up to to something very special - come and see for yourself.

    thumb Chris Allen

    5 star review  I’ve wasted so much money on gym memberships over the years and haven’t been able to commit. I looked at the team workout for about 6 months before I finally decided to try it out. I can honestly say it’s been the best decision of my life - 6am classes never felt so good! Everyday is a new workout so you’ll never get bored. The positivity and encouragement you get from the Team is amazing.

    thumb Preeti Khera

    5 star review  Since I moved to the area I tried a few different gyms but nothing could cut it like The Team Workout. I’ve progressively picked up heavier weights, lost some inches and I'm at the point where I actually enjoy getting up for a 6am workout with a great motivational team!

    thumb Kiri K Dulay

TRY A WEEK for £30!

Are you ready to achieve more in 6 weeks than most do in a year? Our exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching programme is a results-driven process that can transform how you look and feel. Helping you kick-start a real change in your life to be the best you can be – leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Is the programme right for you? Let’s find out. Apply here for our 6 Week SHRED and our head coach will contact you within 24hrs. We will discuss your individual goals and requirements in more details and decide whether or not the programme would be suitable for you.

Due to the high demand for the 6 Week SHRED we only have limited spaces remaining.

If there is no space currently available, we will add you to our waiting list then contact you immeditately one becomes available.

We look forward to speaking to you.


What’s including in your Trial Week:
One-One Consultation
Unlimited Workouts Monday to Friday 6am or 7:30pm
Personalised Meal Plan with foods you enjoy
The Fat Loss Formula

+ Opportunity to continue if you like it.


Meet Coach

Personal Trainer Paul Wilson is Walsall’s most experienced bootcamp instructor since starting The Team Workout back in 2010. Featuring on multiple media out lets such as Sky News, Channel 4, and co-hosting an episode on BBC’s Inside Out Show on Obesity in the West Midlands.

Winning multiple national awards including The UK’s Most Loved Personal Training 4 years running.

Paul is also the only personal trainer in Walsall to offer a full money back guarantee on results. Follow his 6 Week Shred program for 6 weeks and lose up to 1 stone or you get your money back!

Paul Wilson

Walsall's no.1 fat loss specialist

Real People Real Results!


The Team Workout, Little Hardwick Road, Streetly
Every Monday - Friday at 6am and Monday Wednesday Friday at 7:30pm

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