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Whats the best fat loss plan in 2018?

whats the best fat loss plan in 2018

Whats the best fat loss plan in 2018?

If you’ve been around the fitness industry for as long as I have. You will have seen so many fitness fads come and flop. No, not the kind of come & flop your dirty mind imaged….

….. tumbleweed…

We’ve had crossfit, bootcamps, hiit training… We’ve had cabbage diets, juice diets, don’t eat breakfast diets…

Guess what… They all work. Kinda.

You see… If you want to lose weight… You need to create a calorie deficit. Thats it. No magic pills.

All the aforementioned practices and any one that you can think of, works by creating a calorie deficit.

What that is, is where you are burning off more calories than you are putting in.Thats it.

Doesn’t matter whether you achieve this by eating less… or by moving more.

Personally I like to up my activity so that I get to eat more 😉

Bare in mind… If you have calories to spare (stored fat)… You must first spend these stored calories/fat before you get to enjoy the rewards of being able to eat more by moving more.

Now that we know fat loss/ weight loss is as simple as creating a calorie deficit.

And that we know to create a calorie deficit we must burn off more calories than we consume….

Why then so these diets and workouts not work?…

This answer is also simple.

It’s because most of those methods are so bloody hard to stick too.

For example, who wants to be eating cabbage soup for the rest of their life?

Who wants to be popping pills like hairbo for the rest of their life?

And who wants to get injured and out of action due to insane workouts…

You see… losing weight is easy.

Keeping it off is the challenge.

This is why I highly recommend your hire a coach to keep things fun, challenging and rewarding.

This is why I highly recommend making your fat loss plan social, where you’ll have accountability and encouragement from others.

This is why I highly recommend having a consistent routine, so that you get your fitness fix daily instead of having to self-motivate yourself to go to a gym.

All of these three key areas to keeping weight off, is what you get as a member of The Team Workout in Streetly Walsall.

If you’d like to learn more, head over to the website at and see for yourself.

Or write back if you have any questions

Coach Wilson

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