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How Does A 36 Royal To Be Workout For Her Wedding Day

It’s not just Meghan Markle’s Dad whose been under immense pressure to impress in front of the Royals and of cause all brides want their body looking it’s best for their big day. Especially when you have millions around the world watching you.

So how does Meghan Markle workout?

Here’ at the team workout, we LOVE to run bootcamps especially for brides to be for their wedding day. Bootcamp’s give you a strong focus, lots of support and the push that you need to keep going.

But while bootcamp’s are great, they can vary from bootcamp to bootcamp, most focusing on lots of cardio.

Here’ at The Team Workout, our core focus in our training programs is building strength. This is exactly what Meghan does to stay in shape.

The Royal to be uses a┬áMegaformer machine created by Sebastien Lagree where she is often seen leaving Lagree’s fitness studio in L.A.

Essentially, it’s low impact strength training using an expensive and bulky piece of kit.

Now before you break the bank on one of these machines, STOP! You don’t need to. The same effective wedding workout can be achieved using just your own bodyweight.

What’s the best wedding workout?

If it’s losing fat and looking great that you want, strength training with a little bit of cardio and a balanced diet is what you need. Just like we show you in the Six Week SHRED.

Understand that you can not change your genetics. This means, you can’t change the structure of your bones and the frame that you have.

But what you can do, is lose fat, and enhance the shape of your body with muscle. This is what strength training will do for you.

While most ladies preparing for their wedding day will run, spin, and take classes that just pound cardio, you may lose weight but without enhancing your body with strength training you’ll also have no shape. This is when ladies come to me asking to “tone up”….

“Coach I’ve lose the weight I just need to tone up now!”

What they are really saying without knowing is, “I’ve lose weight the wrong way and now I need to put some muscle back on my body!”

Because nobody wants to sag south after all.

And that’s why strength training is essential in all fat loss programs and wedding workouts.

To get you started, here’s a great little workout that will Royally get you sweating.