The Team Workout

Walsall Woman Losses It With Her “Tough Love” Personal Trainer

When Kay, from Walsall, started bootcamp she had her reservations like most people do, but what happened next was not what she expected.

Here’s an interview with Kay…

What was your lifestyle before joining The Team?

My lifestyle before joining the team was not very active. I work in an office so sitting down most days. Don’t like gym’s as I have signed up in the past but never ended up going after the first week as I didn’t feel motivated. Did join a boot camp before joining the team but wasn’t nothing like the workouts we do here and coach was not motivating enough.

What made you sign up to The Team?

Watching clips and hearing about the team workout from my cousin Sukie and watching her transformation. She insisted I joined but when I attended the last boot camp it really put me off. She insisted it was nothing like that and I should give it a go and hence I joined up and enjoyed the sessions from day 1.

And what made you stay?

The results I have achieved, the team, the coach have made me stay on. I cannot express enough how lovely each and everyone is at the team workout and how supportive they are. It has become part of my life now and I wouldn’t give it up. It’s overwhelming to see how much strength you gain from the workouts and it most definitely helps when you know the coach is going to push you to achieve those results you want. He doesn’t just come and train us for the sake of it he genuinely cares and wants each and everyone of us to hit our target goals and watching him feel proud once you do that is a great feeling in itself.  He ensures we are getting 100% out of our workouts. 

Where did you hear about it and what were your reservations about joining?

I heard about the team workout from my cousin Sukie who sort of did force me to join but glad she did as it was the best decision to better my lifestyle.

What are you favorite things about the workouts, the coach and The Team in general?

The workouts are different at each session and that’s what makes it more enjoyable because you are working different parts of your body. You really feel and notice the difference in your body shape. Paul is an amazing personal trainer if you really want to lose weight he is definitely the person to help you achieve that. The team members are all very supportive and welcoming I have never felt like I don’t fit in or that people are not supportive enough. It’s just a good atmosphere all round.

What are your biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

A girl that hates sprints and couldn’t run I have noticed a difference of late on how much better I can do them now (still hate them mind you)!!! Lifting heavier weights and losing weight is a great achievement for me personally.

What have your outcomes been for you?

My main outcome was to lose weight and gain some strength and I am surely getting there with everyone’s help. I have lost 2.5 stones and lost 12 inches around the waist since January 2018. The nutrition site we have access to provides great meal ideas that are so quick and easy to make so makes planning meals easier.

What would you say to someone considering joining The Team Workout?

Anyone that is thinking about joining should most definitely come and give this a go I will ensure you after your first workout you will feel so great that you will want to come back for more. Don’t stress that everyone will be watching you because we are all a family here and supportive of each other. Just go and sign up to better your life for the best.