The Team Workout

Walsall Mother Beats Graves Disease & Social Anxiety To Turn Her Health Around at Boot Camp | Paula’s Story

What was your lifestyle before joining The Team?

Lifestyle before joining the team was not very active. Yes I was a busy mum of 3 but looking after myself came last on the to do list. Socialising became non existent as my confidence plummeted and anxiety got worse. Excuses became thin and repeated.

What made you sign up to The Team?

I was in awe of all the members transformations. I loved the no nonsense approach coach (Paul) Wilson had with his clients. I.e cut the BS out and if you want something bad enough you’ll go and get it. Loved watching the team videos and blogs. One day I would tell myself!!  Then after the team had done tough mudder together and seeing the pictures of unity, teamwork and fun my mind was made up 100% I contacted Paul and right there my fit journey began.

And what made you stay?

Leaving isn’t an option, I love coming to workout. As soon as I walk into camp all my day is left behind, anxiety lifted and for 1hr it’s me time. I love every member. We’re fit fam and have each other’s back. A non judgemental environment. I love the way my body constantly changes. I note when I get that little bit stronger and feel fitness levels growing. I’m doing things I could only of dreamed of…and yes I did tough mudder in my 1st year at the team WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Teamwork at its best.

Where did you hear about it and what were your reservations about joining?

I had been following the team for a while on Facebook as a friend of mine had became a member. I watched from afar because I was worried I wasn’t fit enough to join (daft thinking that looking back) I get terrible social anxiety too but this has got so much better.

What are you favorite things about the workouts, the coach and The Team in general?

The workouts are fun, energetic, totally push you to and you’ll never done a same workout twice, in 3 years every workouts has always been fresh and new.  Team support with all of them. The encouragement off everyone blows you away. All the members are the most supportive bunch of peeps you’ll ever meet. Paul, our coach is passionate about getting the best out of ourselves. Love his no messing approach.

What are your biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

I have Graves Disease and etopic heart beats but under the guidance of my consultants and Paul I continue to keep well and fit and remain med free. My cardio nurse even commented that she was astounded and impressed that I was doing marathons after looking at my stats 4 years ago to the ones today. I have turned my health around and fitness levels. 

What have your outcomes been for you?

The outcomes from being at the team are  I’ve lost 3 stone, 10 inches off my waist, my body fat is healthy. Ive gained some confidence, I have a social life again, clothes shopping in no longer an issue. My kids see mum being active and I can keep up with them. I have been consistent and I don’t miss out on anything or deprive myself.

What would you say to someone considering joining The Team Workout?

If you want to join the team and are watching from afar…. don’t wait DO IT! It will be the best decision you made for yourself.  Fun workouts, fun outings together, events and we specialise together “squats? thought you said shots !” Fitfam forever.


Hey it’s Coach here…

I could not be prouder of Paula and her mission to get fit and inspire others. I remember our first consultation and how terrified she was walking into her first workout. And now look how far you’ve come! This coming Sunday you’ve taking on The Virgin London Marathon.

Paula is running 26.2 miles around London. for Solving Kids’ Cancer because Funds are needed to get Isabella treatment. You can donate HERE to help raise funds for Isabella.