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Streetly Bootcamp is The Best Places To Workout Now The Kids Are Back to School

The kids are back at school. Finally, normality can resume. At last you can get your fitness regime back on track and head back down to the no.1. Streetly Bootcamp!

Steetlys bootcamps & personal training

Trying To Workout During School Holidays

We totally understand, you’ve had your hands full, there’s been kids snacks EVERYWHERE, and with no energy left for yourself, you’ve probably forgotten the last time you’ve visited your favourite workout in town for a good sweat to inspire your day.

But don’t let the guilt get to you.

You’re only ever one workout away from getting back on that fitness wagon.

The Best Streetly Boot camp

If you’re in the Streetly area, and before you pay a visit to Mocha Lounge in Streetly high street, for a healthy poached eggs Benedict and green tea.

Why not work up a sweat at our 9:30am mid-morning for moms workout after dropping off the kids.

if you’re feeling fat and flumpy from the 6 weeks holidays, now is the time to get back on the fitness band wagon with Streetly’s leading fitness bootcamp & personal training program at The Team Workout just off the Little Hardwick Road.

Burn more in Less Time

The 45 minute workouts will burn around 500+ calories and then continue to burn many more due to the Afterburn workouts used in each session at The Team Workout which increase your metabolism to burn calories at rest. This means, while you’re sipping on your skinny latte after a team workout, you’ll easily burn those calories off and more over the next 24 hours.

It’s called training smart.

Located on the Little Hardwick Road at The Veyseyans Rugby Club, with secure off road parking and equipped with showers, changing rooms and a private training facility and a fully licensed bar… there is no wonder why your neighbours in Streetly prefer The Team Workout over any other gym or fitness class.

It’s not just a fitness class

You see, not all fitness classes and bootcamps are created equal. While most gyms, fitness classes and bootcamps see you as just another number to sell a cheap membership too regardless if you turn up or not, The Team Workout takes a much more personal approach.

It’s all about delivering a personal training service, at a fraction of the cost.

And while personal training can get stale and boring, The Team Workout fitness bootcamps in Streetly provide a community feel to your workout experience. You no longer feel like you’re alone, trying to keep up, feeling intimidated by lycra and mirrors.

Just take a look at these transformation photos from busy parents & professional working people who attend our bootcamps in Streetly.

bootcamps in streetly

They’re real people, busy parents and professionals who have found their fitness flavour at The Team Workout where you will learn how to eat and train to stray fit and healthy without having to give up wine & chocolate.

What do I need to do to join Streetly Bootcamp…

Just 3 workouts per week which last 45 minutes on a Monday, Wednesday Friday at either 6am, 9:30am or 7:30pm and you have extra sessions on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00am if you need to squeeze in extra workouts or to break through a plateau. But essentially, aim for 3 per week.

Memberships start from £99 per month all inclusive. There’s no hidden costs and if you’re really committed you’ll save more money when you join for more months. There are many cheaper options available that have come available over the years but The Team Workout is the original for a reason.

You can get 3 FREE Workouts at the Streetly bootcamp over here

2 thoughts on “Streetly Bootcamp is The Best Places To Workout Now The Kids Are Back to School

  1. Hi I live in streetly had a baby 3 months ago need to lose my extra stone hanging around, how much is the program what do u do extra than the other gyms bootcamps ? I used to be a member at velocity but doesn’t work for me the distance and the constant increase in cost .
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Gemma. The memberships are over here ->

    We don’t focus so much on “extra” — What I mean by that is there is so much information out there nobody ends up doing anything with it. What we will work on is doing the things that you need to work on. We simplify nutrition and we make fitness fun. It’s like personal training but in a group, so it’s a fraction of the cost, and you make friends and have fun. We also give you the only nutrition system thats’ designed for UK residents… I.e you’re not going to have a meal plan containing arugula (it’s rocket) and the measurements will be in mls and grams not cups.

    I was to the first to start bootcamps in the area back in 2010, for the reason that I noticed personal training is too expensive to have a trainer count your reps which is what you get to most typical trainers. So I started The Team, which focuses on results and adherence.

    If it’s a fitter lifestyle you want to have, I’d say bootcamps are better than personal training in my opinion due to the fact that it’s going to be more cost effective and they have better adherence for clients.

    If you would like to know more and how to get started you can apply over here -> – – this process allows me to learn more about you to ee how I can help you best and to see if you’re serious.


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