The Team Workout

?Use this routine now the kids are back!

Back to school means back to a routine for many of my clients.

Here at The Team Workout we are known for our early morning workouts that help busy parents and professionals get their exercise into their day while the kids and the rest of the world are asleep.

Whats more, starting the day with a workout results in a huge release of endorphins that lifts depression and unleashes an unstoppable feel good high to begin your day.

Now that the kids are back, it’s time for you to shine some attention back onto yourself.

Here’s the workout routine we follow at The Team:

Monday 6am or 7:30pm Boot Camp,

Tuesday Rest or optional Core & Cardio workout.

Wednesday 6am or 7:30pm  Boot Camp

Thursday Rest or optional HIIT Workout

Friday 6am or 7:30pm Boot Camp.

Sat/Sun – Leisure/Family days.

Now if you’ve been following me for sometime, you will know that I share exactly how to get into the best shape of your life in these emails and on social media completely for free.

So the question is…

…….why then are you not getting results?

That’s simple.

You’re not doing what you should be doing.

And thats where I come in with The Team Workout.

Head over to here to book your 1 week trial for next Monday->

In as little as 6 weeks I will have you in shape and feeling better about yourself.

Even if you’re a complete beginner.