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3 Tips To Lose Weight For Summer 2018

You want to lose weight for summer 2018?

It’s true that summer bodies are made in the winter.

If you want this summer 2018 to be the summer you feel amazing in your swim wear, t-shirts or short shorts then start focussing on it now.

It’s not about being skinny but it is about looking and feeling your best.

When we look and feel our best, it feels like we’re on top of the world, everything seems to fall in to place.

Most of that comes down to confidence.

When we’re at our best, we carry ourselves differently and our presence is different.  It’s amazing!

So how do you start working on that summer body.

1) Decide what that looks and feels like to you. Do you have a photo of your former self you’d like to get back to? An inspiring image of someone you feel is the peak of health. Post it somewhere you can see.  Visualising DAILY is key.

2) Focus on the habits that will get you there. For example. Consistently eating a healthy breakfast, reducing stress, exercising, walking 10k a day etc.  Don’t worry about getting these all right at once. Choose one until it’s a habit and simple to do, and then add another.

3) Find support. If you don’t currently have people in your life that can help you then look to join a group or hire a coach, or both… But if you think you can go it alone, you only have to ask yourself how has that worked for you in the past? Or if the only people wish you keep around yourself are friends and family that just want to indulge in bad habits, then it’s likely you’re going to make life difficult for your fitness goals. Everyone has tough days and having people that will encourage and motivate you can make all the difference.

That’s the magic of our fitness bootcamp and our 6 week challenge….

But if you’re unable to attend our gym in Streetly, Walsall..

Take a look at our online Fit in 30 challenge

The secret to getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain. 


Look at what you need to do over the next six months and break it down to what you would like to achieve monthly.

This long term approach will not only bring you results but it will ensure they are long lasting.

This is how we will create your summer body.

If you need to talk, pop a comment below.

– Coach Wilson