The Team Workout

You CAN enjoy alcohol while staying within your calorie/unit goals. The key is down to choices and a little self-control. Below is a table containing the calories and carbs of various drinks (No fat or protein as they are very rarely present in alcoholic drinks)

Drink Calories (kcal) Carbs (g)
Cocktails 140 – 230 10-30
Average Pint of lager 180 – 210 11.4
Pint of dry cider 161 12.8
Single spirit and mixer (275ml) 159 26.5
Sweet white wine (125ml glass) 110 7g
Red wine/ Rose (125ml glass) 85 3.1
Dry white wine (125ml glass) 77 0.7
Single spirit and diet mixer (275ml) 52 2.8

As you can see the drink you chose can have a large impact on the amount of calories you consume.

For example having a night out where you drink 6 drinks, consuming single spirit with diet mixers will give you 312kcal, whereas drinking sugary cocktails could give you as much as 1,380kcal, a massive difference.

Another factor you should consider when drinking alcohol is what happens to your inhibitions.

They will obviously lower and could lead you to eating some very calorie dense foods, kebabs, pizza etc. This coupled with the fact that alcohol can lower your blood sugar and make you hungry, makes getting merry a bit of a minefield when dieting.

You could rely on your own willpower and avoid eating when you’ve been drinking, or pre prepare something healthier to eat once you get home.

Alternatively you can plan alcoholic drinks into the team workout nutrition system. Simply add the drinks you have consumed or intend to consume beforehand, and keep it within your units.

You can also use the blow-out method.

The Blow-out method.

Let’s say you have a really big night out and you’ve entered in the drinks you have consumed into The Team Workout nutrition app and you’re now 10 units over your daily allowance. This will result in weight gain and stagnated progress. However, instead of sabotaging your effort to lose the weight, simple compensate for this blow out the following day.

For example, if you over-consumed 10 units on your night out, you will deduct then 10 units from your daily allowance the following day. Thus keeping you progressing.

So now you’ve had a great night out, and you’re still on track for results.

Alternatively, you could spread the reduction of units across several days. For example, following your blow-out, you could spread those 10 units over 5 days, by deducting 2 units from each day.

So if you have a 15 unit daily allowance, you would have 13 units per day for the next 5 days, so counteract your blow-out on Saturday night.

You could also reduce your units before the blow out. If you know you’re going to have a big one on Saturday night, enter the drinks you will have into the nutrition app so that you know what the damage will be.

Then whatever is in excess of your daily unit allowance, reduce it on the day, or days prior to the blow-out.

The important thing here, is to plan and keep score on what you’re putting in.

As long as your hitting your units each day, or spread over the week, then you’re going to keep losing weight, burning fat and progressing your results.