The Team Workout

Try This Workout For Goddess Glute Gains


A great way to burn some fat while gaining strength is to add complexes into your workouts. A complex is super simple. you will take 2 or more exercises and pair them together to complete 1 round.

Doing this typically keeps the heart rate high for a 1-3 minute duration. This creates a huge calorie expenditure while also getting in some booty building reps.

For example, in this complex I combine Barbell Squats, with Kettlebell Swings and wrapping up with high rep barbell hip thrust which will leave you with your ass on fire.

Glute Complex #1:

A1 – 5 Barbell Squats (50-60% 1 rep max)
A2 – 10 Kettlebell Swings
A3 – 20 Barbell Hip Thrusts

Aim to take as little rest need in between each exercises until all 3 have been completed.

We completed 3 rounds of this.

You can vary up the rep range, rest time, tempo and exercises. in the next complete I combined kneeling banded hip thrusts (which I REALLY like) with Barbell Squats &

Doing a complex is very simpleĀ  you take 2+ exercises and pair them together.

In this complex below I pair up three lower body dominant exercises Kneeling Band Hip Thrusters, Squats & Kettlebell Swings and in this instance we complete 7 reps of each. Again this is another fat burning booty builder that will enhance a feminine physique while burning away the flab.

Complex #2:

A1 – 7 Kneeling Band Hip Thrust
A2 – 7 Barbell Squats (50-60% 1RM)
A3 – 7 Kettlebell Swings

Give it a try and your glutes may hate you now but they will thank you later :).