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FREE Strength Training for International Women’s Day

At the bottom of this blog post is a FREE Strength training program for women. But first…

Strength Training for Women

When it comes to strong women. I am surrounded by them.

Behind every strong man, is a strong woman. And since it’s mothers day on Sunday I’m thinking of you when I say that mom x.

I know, I know, if you’re a feminist I should have wrote, behind every strong man is not a woman, she is by his side. 

Equality and all that but whatever way you wish to spin it, I have personally spent these past 10 years empowering women in walsall to go from suppressed to success through gaining physical strength and mental fortitude.

I’m proud of that. In fact, speaking of my mom, my personal training career all started with her, when I was just 13 years old, and I helped her regain her confidence.

There’s no better feeling than accomplishing something physical that you had no idea your were capable of doing.

Just take a look at the posts recently on my instagram @iamcoachwilson:

🎉Celebrate your wins! Aimee kept this one quite because she’s not where she wants to be yet so she disregarded the fact that’s she’s lost a stone in the past 6 weeks…… 😮 ☝️If you only focus on your end result, (where you want to be, how you want to look) you’re going to feel demotivated often… so focus on the progresses along the way because they add up, and when you change your internal dialog from “I’m fat” “I’m unfit” “I’m not where I want to be” too “I’m doing it” “I’m progressing” “I’m losing the weight” you start to feel like a winner and that become a transformation from within which means the results you achieve stick around. So celebrate 🎉 ALL of your wins along the way and surround yourself with a team of like minded people who will keep you accountable and share the journey with you. Make it fun and supportive like wow do at The Team Workout. 😃 Also a shout out to Louise who is down 7lbs in 14 days and has gone from complete exercise newbie too killing her workouts 🙌

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50kg PBs for @mala_patel_77 and Rupal today

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Glute gains

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So to celebrate international women’s day I have a very special gift for you.

Now maybe you’re too far out of town or may to attend or may be you’re too scared to join these like minded strong women here in Walsall and take on my 6 Week Challenge so I’ve prepare for you 5 fat shredding strength workouts for you to take your training to a whole new level.

You’re welcome.

Click here to get >>Strength Training for Women FREE << 

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