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Closed for Christmas Back In The New Year!

So it’s that time of the year once more where the no.1 bootcamp in Walsall and the total body transformation program Shredded in 6 at The Team Workout closes for a 2 week break over Christmas.

That might panic most people who only workout out of guilt for their eating behaviours, but when you workout consistently week in week out for 50 weeks of the year, it’s important to switch off, guilt free and enjoy some important R&R.


Don’t worry about what you eat between Christmas day and New Years day, Worry about what you eat between New Years days and Christmas day.

It’s important to take a break from exercise

After 8 years of leading fitness bootcamps in walsall and the surrounding areas of Streetly and Aldridge, we understand people eating and social behaviours and we know best that efforts to transform your body and mindset are completely wasted during the Christmas period. Having more food and booze in the house completely conflicts with the 2nd Rule of The Team Transformation system…

If you own it, you will eat it.

So instead of trying to hack away through dense forest. We have the mindset of sharpening the sword for the battle to come. It’s this mindset that increases the success rate in transformations in January here at The Team Workout.

Now we know you might be eager to use the Fit Bit but while most people begin their “New Years New Me” prematurely, they also like most fall off the fitness wagon 2-3 weeks later when the unbearable temptation from left over Christmas snacks becomes too tempting.

Instead, we’ve found that a 2 week break over Christmas not only is important Rest  & Recovery for the body, it also leaves the mind rested and raring to go in January.

How to rest your body properly

We’re not saying you should just slob it out for 2 weeks. Activity should be a part of your day everyday.

Such as walking 10k steps per day or even a bodyweight circuit first thing in the morning containing pushups, squats and sit-ups. These are things that keeps the body mind & soul ticking, without exhausting your central nervous system and your willpower, like waking up for a 6am HIIT session will bring.

It’s also useful to eat more fibre to clear the digestive system from all those festive snacking and feed your cells with vitamins and minerals from a greens drink.

My Proteins Total Nutri Greens will tick both of those boxes, have one a day during Christmas.

Instead of winging it like most New Years Resolution’ers do, these are just some of the smart steps you’ll begin to use when you have the strategies for success like you’ll see in Shredded in 6.0. No more Guess work! Just follow the plan!

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