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Can you do boot camp if you are pregnant?

Can you do boot camp if you are pregnant? Well, I have indeed got many ladies pregnant.

Not directly speaking (that i’m aware of), but through healthy living exercise and eating The Team Workout fitness system has been helping ladies fit and fertile since 2010.

But once you are pregnant, should you continue with your fitness routine, or should you stop?

It’s an important consideration that should not be taken lightly so let me share some light on the confusion.

Can you do boot camp if you are pregnant? Yes and no.

My recommendations is in the first trimester, no. This can be a testing time and you certainly don’t want stress from an exercise program or to be lifting heavy or jumping around when the fertilised egg is trying to fix to the uterus wall. So in the first trimester, I would avoid any vigorous exercise especially if you have had a hard time in the past when getting pregnant. Let walking be your best friend for fitness during the first trimester. Walking is so underrated anyway. Did you get your 10k today?

In the second trimester you can pretty much so what you were doing prior to conception. This is the time you DO want to exercise for baby and for you and YES bootcamp at The Team Workout is totally fine during your second trimester. I can’t speak for all “bootcamps” but here at The Team Workout every sessions is delivered by a certified personal trainer who will tailor the workout to what you can physically do and what we also advise moms to do and not to do during pregnancy.

Squats and core training are your best friend for a healthy birth. Mom’s to be who do not exercise during pregnancy risk the probability for a healthy birth. Think about it, you need a core core to push a baby out! A weak core is likely going to lead to a C-section.

In the third trimester you can continue to exercise, although you will be restricted to what you can do towards the end due to your bump.

Remember that you must follow your doctors advice first a foremost. They know you best and the advice above is just for general advice for most people. As a personal trainer I always ask first for your doctors go ahead to train before starting a program. Send him/her this article first for there advice and a better opinion.

Whatever you do, do not diet during pregnancy!

Do not diet. Now that you are eating for two you now need calories and nutrients for two. So please, do not diet and reduce your calorie intake. Also be aware that exercise burns calories, so when exercising throughout your pregnancy be sure to eat after exercise to replenish your energy.


So now you know, can you do boot camp if you are pregnant? Yes, you can. But not in the first trimester and it may become difficult towards the end of the third trimester. Exercise is key for a healthy birth where mom will need a strong and functional core to push baby out. It’s also a great idea to strengthen your arms, chest and back muscles for when baby arrives you’ll need that upper body strength to carry baby.

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