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Why Bootcamp Workouts Are So Good For You

The Team Workout bootcamp in Walsall has been helping people get fit since 2010.

But they come in many flavours from bridal boot camps aimed to aim people lose weight and tone up for their weddings, to retreat bootcamps where you go away for 3-5 days eating calorie control meals while running around with a trainer in camouflaged combats.

Here at The Team Workout we’re at the forefront of designing fat burning workouts that are fun as well as functional. Walking into your first bootcamp class at The Team Workout you can expect to receive a warm welcome before performing a series of calisthenics like pushups, lunges, squats and over 6 weeks you can expect to be a pro at using kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and more. You’ll also be introduced to badass exercises such as tyre flips, sled pushes, battle ropes and inertia waves (New for 2018).

Who should do a bootcamp?

Bootcamp workouts are perfect if you’re someone that:

  1. Doesn’t like gyms
  2. Get’s distracted in gyms.
  3. Doesn’t know what to do in a gym.
  4. Finds it hard to push themselves in a gym or at home

The Team Workout bootcamp is a fitness community, so the health benefits go beyond improving your cardiovascular health, and increasing the longevity of your life but also provide a social activity thats important for your mental wellbeing.

¬†Unlike gym workouts, that emphasise using weights and machines that may improve your strength, but the functional training that you will do at bootcamp will prepare your body for real-world activities such as climbing the stairs and picking up the kids. You’ll be learning how to move your body better, not just picking up weights in a gym.


Bootcamps are perfect for busy people

Boot camp workouts also burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. This makes bootcamp workouts perfect for those busy parents and professionals that are short on time. Such 3 45 minutes bootcamps per week while following a calorie controlled meal plan can help you drop as much as 1 stone in 6 weeks.

The Team Workout member Jon as just recently lost a staggering 2 stone in 4 weeks. His transformation has been inspiring to us here down at The Team and to think he couldn’t squat in his first week. Nothing can stop the a determined mindset.

Age is not an issue

Age nor weight is an excuses to not come to a bootcamp workout. As long as you stay within your capabilities and you have a good instructor like a “Team Trainer” who can modify the workout to your ability, anyone can do it.

But be aware, many bootcamps do not put the emphasis on proper form and supervision like we do here down at The Team Workout. So pick wisely.

Bootcamps are a fun and effective way to train, here at The Team Workout we will push you, keep your focused, provided you with the perfect nutrition system and help you succeed while have a great time.

How do I get started?

The Team Workout bootcamp in Walsall Streetly starts clients off with a 6 week trial to get started on your fitness journey where you will gain unlimited access to the workouts, access to the nutrition system and coaching to keep you focused alone the way. Click here to get started.