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We hear you.  It feels intimidating.

“I’m not a runner.” “Bootcamp sounds kinda scary.” “I’m not fit enough.”

Here’s the thing. Yes, it’s hard. But it’s also motivating, fun, and worth it.

The Team Workout is the original high-intensity workout in Walsall, Streetly. It burns up to 1,000 calories in one class!, tones muscle, maximises fat loss, and increase your metabolism, so you actually burn calories even after class is over. We call this the Afterburn.

We’ve got the science to prove it. (And the abs…)

We will push you to do what you didn’t even know you were capable of doing.

The music, the signature workouts, the energy in the room…..

It’s magic (and about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on).

There’s a new workout everyday. You will never have the same routine — and never get bored.

Each class is coached by an Walsall personal trainer at our Streetly fitness facility.

We’re not big gym fans. So you will not find any mirrors or posers inside our fitness centre.



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