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3 Tips To Recover Like a Pro

While sore muscles can be satisfying in knowing that the workout you’ve completed “must be working”…

You’ll want to follow these quick tips to recover like a pro to enhance your results.

Step 1. Do as the Romans did… Take a (Detox) Bath

The skin is the biggest organ you have. It’s the first barrier of defence from the bugs and bacteria out there trying to destroy you. The Romans knew that heat and steam from hot water would keep their soldiers healthy and aid in muscular recovery. We know today that cleansing the skins pours will support your immune system and that heat relaxes the muscles.

Fat Loss specialists like yours truly,  also know that increasing blood capillarisation to the surface of the skin will allow for the fatty acids from the adipose tissue (stored fat) to be transported by the blood where it  then has the potential of being metabolised (burned) – providing you’re in a calorie deficit (eating less than you need).

For the ultimate Detox bath = Add 2 cups of epsom salts to your hot bath. The magnesium in the salt will relax your muscles and leave you feeling chill – This REALLY helps with easing the pain from a workout. You can grab a bag for £2.50 from B&M – don’t pay over the odds from supermarkets, it’s f**kin salt not gold. Will leave you feeling as good as gold.

Step 2. Do as the Mongolians did…

Prior to war, the Mongolians, notorious for being the most barbaric of all warriors, would use instruments to push our the knots and aches in their body so that they were more mobile to fight.

You won’t need to slaughter your enemies in battle, and you won’t need to use stones to push out your knots.

Instead you can stretch and use foam rollers and massage balls…. I said massage balls. NOT massage the balls…

I’m referring to these balls you filthy mind… ->

If you get yourself one of these, bring it to your next workout and I will show you how best to use it.

They work really really well on your feet, and on your hip flexors. Perfect if you sit at a desk or car a lot.

Works really well for tight calves. Most ladies have tight calves due to wearing heels.

Your right calf will tend to be tighter than the left also – due to pushing down on the accelerator in your car.

Learning how to release tight tissue and muscles will help you move and perform better in and outside of your workouts – It will also help you eliminate common back pain that many people suffering from sitting down – this is going to save you a fortune in trips to the physio.

Step 3. Do as the athletes do…

Google your favorite Athlete – providing your favorite athlete isn’t Phil Taylor – i’m guessing your google search came up with a physique worthy to stand next to the Gods on Mount Olympus. There’s one KEY nutrient all athletes use to support their physique…. PROTEIN.

Protein is the number one nutrient thats going to fuel your recovery and help you grow back lean sexy muscle tissue, after breaking down muscle in a workout. Whats more, protein fills you up, so you’re less likely to overeat if you start your meals with protein first.

Protein also burns calories in order for your digestive system to break it down, which means, you actually burn calories when you eat protein.

As a guide, aim for a palm sized serve of protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will be about 20-30 grams of protein.

Eat the protein on your plate before you eat anything else.

Good sources of complete proteins include, eggs, chicken, tukey, beef, cheese, whey powder.

If you’re a vegetarian/vegan, use a veggie protein source and meat alternatives like tofu, Linda Mccartney sausages, pea/rice protein powder.

Protein is very important for your physique goals.

Protein comes from the Greek word, Protease, which means “Primary” – so Prioritise your protein.

Use these 3 tips to recover like a pro.

The quicker you recover the quicker your results.

Coach Wilson