What Diet Works Best For Belly Fat

Do not starve yourself.

The “eat less” diet does not work in the long run and can at best turn an overweight apple shape into a smaller apple shape.

Cutting calories (i.e. the weight loss approach) does little to improve body composition and will lead to muscle burning, and a slowing of the metabolism.

Eating a small protein-and-veggie-rich meal every 2-3 hours helps to preempt hunger and cravings, stabilising blood sugar and allowing your body to easily give up its fat stores without worrying when the next meal is coming.

If like most ladies, you may like to sometimes drink our cravings and hunger away using coffee, diet drinks and wine…this does not work in the long run.

Next time you are hungry, eat.

And eat one of your Lean meals: lean protein, green veggies and your allotted number of starch bites. Don’t grab a diet coke to get through the afternoon–in the end, this will have you craving sugar, fat and salt at the end of the day when our exhaustible self-control is nowhere to be found.

Use preemptive eating strategies to accelerate your fat loss.

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Paul Wilson
Walsall’s leading personal trainer Coach Wilson started the bootcamp trend in Walsall and has since gone on to appear on TV such as the BBC were he hosted the Inside Out show on Obesity, Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and Sky News. Paul has been voted the UKs most loved personal trainer and the UKs health & fitness business of the year for the last 4 years running.

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